Nicorette Inhalators 15mg 4's

Nicorette Inhalators 15mg 4's

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How do I use NICORETTE® Inhaler?

The NICORETTE® Inhaler tackles the habit of smoking, as well as the physical addiction to nicotine. When you puff on the mouthpiece, the cartridge releases nicotine to help relieve your craving. And, because it's designed to be held like a cigarette, your hands are kept busy too.

Take a shallow puff about once every 2 seconds or take 4 deep puffs every minute. Continue this for up to 20 minutes. After this time all nicotine in the cartridge would have been used up.

Do not try to make one cartridge last all day. Although every smoker is different, the most successful quitters often use an average of six cartridges a day.
Temporary abstinence from smoking

The Inhaler should be used during smoke-free periods, for example in smoke free areas or in situations when you wish to avoid smoking.

Smoking reduction

Use NICORETTE® Inhaler between smoking episodes to prolong smoke-free intervals and with the intention to reduce your smoking as much as possible. If after 6 weeks you have not reduced the number of cigarettes smoked each day, then you should seek professional advice.

You should try to quit smoking as soon as you feel ready, but no later than 6 months after starting your treatment. If 9 months has passed since starting your NICORETTE® Inhaler and you have still not been able to make a serious attempt at quitting smoking, then seek professional advice.

Regular use of the Inhaler after 12 months is not recommended.