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Nicorette 2U brings together the best pharmacy and natural health products in a one-stop shop. We promote a healthy lifestyle and our aim is to help our customers towards optimal health and wellness. We offer free shipping and low prices to customers all over the world. To help keep our country clean and green, we plant a native tree on the Huriawa Peninsula at Karitane for every 25 orders sent.

We started our online journey several years ago, helping people quit smoking by supplying Nicotine Replacement Therapies such as nicotine gum to customers all over the world. Through this online business, we attracted thousands of loyal customers who return to us time and again. Because we also have access to thousands of natural health and pharmacy products we thought it would be great to offer everything we stock on one site for your convenience, providing you with the most complete and comprehensive online shopping experience possible. 

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Here at Nicorette 2U you can choose from high-quality pharmacy and natural health products. You can buy whatever you need, whenever you need it, for the very best price – knowing that your order is secure and that our customer service is second to none. Add to that free shipping anywhere in the world and you get an online shopping experience that will bring you back, time and again.

Our Team

Mark LaHood

Charge Pharmacist: Mark LaHood. Mentor and founder, Mark has been a registered Pharmacist working out of the family owned store for 25 years. The iconic pharmacy, LaHoods the Chemist has been in business for more than four decades. Mark graduated from Otago University in the 1980's, worked in Auckland, New Zealand for a period, then returned home. Mark is our procurement specialist, able to get you the right goods (including many niche and hard-to-find products), and deliver it at the right price, and on time.

Mark Grocott

Mark is a graduate of Otago University with a Post Graduate Diploma in Economics. He has been involved with media & communications his entire working life, mostly at interactive ad agencies and TV networks in New York, Hong Kong and New Zealand. He loves systems, and has set up a program that allows us to get you top quality goods in lightening quick delivery times. Mark also enjoys nature, along with media, ideas and change.

Emma Farry

Marketing and social media. Emma has a Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism from Canterbury University, and has worked for magazine, and television companies both in New York and New Zealand. She enjoys problem solving, and working out how to best communicate the Nicorette 2U story. Emma loves her boys, aged 9 and 6, writing (she's written a published novel), screaming at the tech guy, and ironically, also meditation.

To make our business more sustainable and to offset the carbon from our overseas shipping, we pledge to plant a native tree on the Huriawa Peninsula for every 25 orders we receive at Nicorette 2U.

If there is a product you need that we’re not currently stocking, please let us know, as we can often find it and start stocking it in as little as two days after your inquiry.

At Nicorette 2U our aim is to offer you the brands you love at the best prices and then ship them to you for free, wherever you are in the world. Try us and we guarantee you'll be back.

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